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As a medical professional, your days are full taking care of the needs of your patients. 

You’ve come to depend on your office IT to help you get more done in less time.

If your technology isn’t correctly maintained and monitored, the tools you’ve implemented to save you time and money can cost you thousands in productivity and efficiency!

What’s the solution?

Network Specialists is on the job with customized IT management to keep the technology for your healthcare business running optimally for you.

Network Specialists treats each business as the individual entity that it is.  We focus on making your life easier by simplifying your IT services and integrating new IT solutions into your existing infrastructure for maximum efficiency.

What can Network Specialists offer you?

We are your 24/7 partner keeping you and your staff efficient, flexible, compliant, and mobile.

You specialize in taking care of people—we specialize in taking care of the tools you need to be able to focus on the care and treatment of your patients.

Partner with Network Specialists and put these advantages to work for you.

  • Remote monitoring to ensure security
  • HIPAA-compliant data centers for assurance that patient health records are being appropriately stored
  • The ability to meet and exceed HIPAA Omnibus requirements
  • An easily budgeted monthly payment that lowers your current cost of IT management
  • Management of vendor services including EMR suppliers and others
  • Optimization of IT systems to enhance workflow

The important work that you are doing with your patients deserves to be supported by professional IT services.

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