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Wi-Fi is a must for most businesses today. But if you’re using a consumer-grade Wi-Fi solution, you’re wasting money and possibly risking your confidential data.

Why Consumer Grade Wi-Fi Equipment Is NOT The Best Choice:

  • It Has Limited Capacity – Cheap Wi-Fi routers support a limited number of users, and slowdowns are inevitable.
  • You Get What You Pay For – Cheap components + Little or no support = Poor Service.
  • It’s Disposable – You might as well plan now for frequent replacements because consumer-grade Wi-Fi isn’t meant to last.
  • Antennas Are Inadequate – Coverage can vary from device to device and according to its location in a room.
  • Video and Audio Issues – Video usually isn’t accessible or drops off. Audio capacity can also be poor when streaming.
  • Frequent Restarts – Consumer-grade equipment requires frequent restarts because it’s often affected by neighboring Wi-Fi.
  • Lacks Features – Features like brandable guest access aren’t available.
  • Security Concerns – Consumer-grade Wi-Fi rarely contains authentication and encryption safety features.

Using Wi-Fi has its risks. Unlike wired Ethernet LANs (local area networks) that are secured inside your walls and closets, Wi-Fi networks transmit data over radio waves in open space. If not secured properly, unauthorized users can gain access to your Wi-Fi and the data you transmit. 

With continued advances in technology, wireless accessibility is necessary for both office and public environments. WI-FI technology may make it easier for your employees to work from their mobile devices, however, if it’s not adequately designed, installed, maintained and tested, this gives hackers the ability to launch attacks on your wireless network. This means that they can eavesdrop, access, and even tamper with your wireless transmissions.

And if it’s not maintained and monitored for intrusions, it could be an avenue for costly data breaches and downtime. With this also comes frustrations when you can’t send email, visit online banking sites you depend on, or collaborate on projects.

Why Is Networking Specialists Your Best Choice?

Our Enterprise-grade Wireless Networking Solution provides the mobility, flexibility, accessibility, and security you need to grow your business. Without this, your business operations will suffer. You need the wireless solution we provide with:

  • Proper WLAN design and implementation.
  • Segregated guest and operational networks.
  • High-security encryption.
  • WI-FI Firewalls that make your networked computers invisible to simple hacking scans and probes.
  • Network Monitoring and Intrusion Detection to detect and block unauthorized access.
  • Regular testing, firmware, and software upgrades.

You’ll Have A Worry-Free Wireless Networking Solution

A Worry-Free WI-FI Solution is one that provides high performance, is password-protected and encrypted to prevent tampering, and provides separate access with set permissions for guests.

It also provides a file sync application, so your employees can access the files they need when working remotely, but that keeps intruders out.

You’ll have a WI-FI solution with 100% connectivity, end-to-end security protocols plus encryption to keep your data in transit secure.  Plus, our firewalls make your networked computers invisible to hacking.

We’ll also ensure it’s reliable and projects a strong signal anywhere on your site, but not in the parking lot or outside your office where unauthorized users can access it.

How Else Will You Benefit?

From Smart WI-FI that steers signals around obstacles. It blocks interference and utilizes radio frequencies to provide consistent and reliable performance at long ranges. Basic wireless technology can’t provide this capability. Today’s businesses need more reliable and long-reaching WI-FI connections. With our Networking Wireless Solution, you’ll have signals that reach farther and are more stable due to the adaptive nature of the smart WIFI technology.

With Cost-Effective WI-FI from technical engineers who have extensive experience and expertise. Plus our company has a robust partnership with manufacturers of WI-FI equipment, so we can get you the best solutions at the best prices–solutions known for their flexibility, reliability, and affordability. Your business requires features that achieve the highest-speed wireless performance possible from wherever you are onsite.

What Can You Expect From Our Wireless Networking Service?

An Initial WIFI Assessment: We’ll meet with your leadership to learn about your unique business needs and operations to determine the best wireless networking solution for you.

Design and Implementation: We’ll design a customized WI-FI Plan that includes the infrastructure you need along with management, maintenance, and mobile security solutions. We use cutting-edge wireless technologies with configurations that ensure complete security.

Ongoing Testing:  We’ll provide regular diagnostic services to ensure the continued reliability, performance and security of your wireless network.

Employee Training: We’ll train your staff on your new system and get them securely connected. Plus, we’ll be here 24 x 7 for any concerns or issues they might experience.

Networking Specialists has installed and deployed WI-FI solutions for businesses with very technical and complex challenges. You’ll have an experienced IT Partner who delivers Complete Wi-Fi Solutions for multiple industries with thousands of access points installed and managed.

  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Small Business
  • Restaurant/Bar
  • Resorts and Marinas
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse
  • Arenas and Convention Centers

 With Wireless Networking Services from Networking Specialists, you’ll have reliable, high-performing and secure internet access with proactive and ongoing monitoring, analytics, configuration and support for a networking experience that is that superior to others

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