Put Your Wi-Fi To Work For You

You offer Wi-Fi at your place of business, right? It's expected these days, that if customers are going to spend any amount of time at your business, then they should have access to free Wi-Fi.

While it may be a nice amenity for your customers, it's not doing too much to help you; at least, not actively. What if you could put your Wi-Fi to work, collecting vital data on your customers to help you know more about how their habits intersect with your services and products?

Introducing Zenreach.

The Networking Specialists team is excited to now offer Zenreach for our clients. This customer relationship engine gets you a better return on your investment in free public Wi-Fi by offering the following features:

  • Automatic Contact Collection Zenreach turns your Wi-Fi network into an automated contact collection tool—effortlessly growing your customer list 5x faster than before.
  • Automated Marketing Send messages that are automatically triggered by your guests’ unique visit behavior.
  • Accurately Track ROI Instead of plotting open rates on email and likes on social media, use Zenreach to track in detail which messages actually bring customers through your door.

To try out Zenreach at your business, fill out the form to the right. For more information, get in touch with Networking Specialists at (701) 746-9234 or