Upgrade The Way Your Company Communicates With Networking Specialists

The way that businesses communicate is evolving, and with it the demand for unified communication.

Gone are the days of costly and unreliable land lines, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become the new business communication standard. More and more forward-thinking companies are upgrading to VoIP and other Cloud communications to cut the costs of phone bills and increase efficiency of collaboration.

Networking Specialists partners with industry-leaders Panasonic and Allworx to provide you with the best in communication services for your company. We support both Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and VoIP technologies. Networking Specialists’ VoIP and PBX services come with a number features:

  • Click to Dial: Make calls directly from your computer by clicking the highlighted telephone number on your PC screen, or press a specific key, to automatically dial the number via your VoIP desk phone – saving time and ensuring no wrong numbers. Transfer calls by dragging and dropping.
  • Voicemail to Email: Listen to your voicemail right from your email client.
  • Direct Incoming Calls: You can configure specific incoming phone numbers to be routed to any phone number (or even to a group of phone numbers) at any time. Never miss that important call again, be it the CEO of your largest client, or your mother.
  • Conference Bridge. Send conference meeting invitations with the call-in number and password for participants to join in – making team meetings easier than ever.
  • Call History.Have a record of calls placed, received, or missed. You can easily return or redial calls from the call log with just a click. Call logs can also be configured to contacts in Outlook, or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.
  • Call Analytics. Manage your staff, customer service, and marketing campaigns better with a clear and concise breakdown of calls made. You can see call trends by time of day, duration of calls, caller location, call count, and other parameters – all with an eye on improving your business.
  • Truly Mobile. Your Smart Phone can be an extension of your phone system with calls ringing at both your office phone and smart phone, simultaneously.  You can check your voice mail, transfer calls and even change your presence right from your smart phone.

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