Our Purpose

Networking Specialists’ mission is: to provide technology solutions to our customers to improve their processes, procedures and productivity as well as to provide a sense of purpose and a decent standard of living for our employees and owners.

We carry these values into work with us every day, and it shows in our performance. Here are some of the benefits and services you can expect from Networking Specialists that you can’t from the other guys:

  • Fast Response – Within 60-Minutes or Less-Guaranteed: When you call us with a computer problem, we guarantee that your phone call will be either answered immediately or we will contact you within 60 minutes. If we fail to respond within that time-frame, the work is free.
  • Best Practices:  We treat your computer network with care.  We review your configurations to ensure they meet our stringent policies to ensure best practices. We’ll alert you if things don’t meet our standards.
  • Rapid Repairs: Your computer network and your time are too important to wait around for computer repair. That’s where our Proactive Care support services come in. Your computer data network can be accessed remotely and securely. If not, a technician will be sent onsite.
  • No Geek Speak: You deserve to get answers to your questions in plain English. Our technicians will not talk down to you or make you feel stupid because you don’t understand their geek speak.
  • Flat-Rate Pricing Structure:  Our Proactive Care pricing model allows your company to easily and effectively budget for IT costs. There are no surprises at the end of the month, and no more hourly billing charges.
  • We Won’t Hurt Your Network: Your network or data will not be damaged, that’s a promise. You will be alerted to any potential risks involved in completion of computer maintenance services after our evaluation of your computer or network. Potential risks will be described in detail and your authorization will be obtained before we start work. We’ll backup your files before work starts to make sure you don’t lose anything.
  • 100% Unconditional Guarantee: We want you to be completely happy with our products and services. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems.
  • All Projects On-Time and On-Budget – Guaranteed: When you hire us to complete a project, we won’t nickel and dime you with unforeseen or unexpected charges. We guarantee all projects to be done on time with no excuses.
  • Accurate Billing Guaranteed: Every bill you receive from us is guaranteed to be accurate and detailed. You’ll know what you are paying for, and all charges will be pre-approved by you. No more mystery bills that don’t outline what you are paying for. If it’s not right, we’ll make it right!
  • Detailed Records: Detailed descriptions of work performed will be included with every service order.
  • True Partner:  We succeed when you succeed.  Our goal is to make every network more stable, more reliable and faster so our customers can enjoy drastically increased productivity.
  • Local:  We’re not some understaffed branch of a big company located elsewhere. We live and work alongside our customers.

Don’t settle for big-box managed service providers that only see you as another paycheck, get the IT support you need from Networking Specialists. You can reach us at (701) 746_-9234 or info@gfnetspec.com to learn more about what we can do for your company.

  • 2397 Demers Avenue Suite D Grand Forks, ND 58201
  • Phone:(701) 746_-9234 Email: info@gfnetspec.com