Education IT Services Give Your School A Reliable IT Network

Not all IT providers understand the important role that IT plays in the education of youth.

Whether it’s organizing teacher schedules, communicating with the parents, or even in classroom technology, it is vital that you receive the same service and support as a commercial company. We know that when it comes to a child’s education, there is no room for error or delayed service, that’s why we provide schools with outstanding call response that you can rely on.

Find the IT provider who understands technology’s role in education. Give Networking Specialists a call at (701) 746_-9234 or send an email to for more information on how we can help you.

Technology plays a monumental role in a child’s life, and it is crucial for schools to stay relevant with technology so that they can utilize new tools in the classrooms. Our educational clients enjoy the following benefits of outsourcing their IT to Networking Specialists:

  • Increased Security: Internet security has become a major concern for all organizations. Networking Specialists will shelter your organization from cybercriminals and other malicious attacks so you can keep your student’s information system safe.
  • A Friendly Point of Contact: We provide friendly and reliable support for any IT issues that may come up – so your teachers aren’t left waiting for support to start their lesson.
  • BYOD and One-to-One Consulting: We can help your school district implement and maintain manageable systems including provisioning plans.
  • Wireless Networks: We’re experts in setting up wireless networks, allowing your teachers and students to safely collaborate online.
  • Increased Documentation: We understand the importance of diligent and thorough documentation in education. Networking Specialists works to eliminate redundancies and limit time searching for files by helping you keep your documentation organized.

Get the IT service provider that understands the specific needs of the education industry. Give us a call at (701) 746_-9234 or send an email to to learn more about the great work Networking Specialists is doing for school in Grand Forks, Eastern North Dakota and Western Minnesota.

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