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Let’s face it, your industry just isn’t like other industries.

You need someone on your side that gets “it.”

Cookie cutter solutions aren’t going to cut it in the construction or engineering business.

Well-intended advice suitable for other business ventures could slow you down or cost you money.  And it’s hard enough to make a buck in an industry with already narrow profit margins.

You’re in a very competitive space, and you need the IT edge that Networking Specialists can provide.

Aren’t you tired of downtime caused by poor IT implementation and management?

Get Networking Specialists on your side!

We will give you the right IT foundation to support your firm’s success.

You need things done right – the first time, every time.

Let us uncomplicate your IT, so your construction or engineering company can win contracts and complete projects without the pain of IT downtime.

The Networking Specialists team will deliver what your business needs.

We offer:

  • IT assessments and consulting — Networking Specialists will assess your IT infrastructure – simplifying and enhancing your current IT assets to make your IT work optimally for you.
  • Network and data security — We keep your data safe, secure, and recoverable against any disaster, power outage, cyber attack, or external threat.
  • IT support — We are accessible to you when you need us.  We take pride in knowing construction and engineering IT – and the specific software applications that you use every day.
  • Mobile support – We’ll help keep your team connected, your projects coordinated, and your confidential data secure through expert management of your mobile devices.

Whatever your IT needs, Networking Specialists will deliver.

Call us now at (701) 746-9234 or via email at to discuss what our team can do for you!

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