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Today’s small chiropractic offices are dependent upon technology for many things. Most significantly, to run applications related to scheduling appointments and billing.

Here’s the question.

What would you do if your practice’s computers shut down with some or all your critical info on them?

Let’s pretend for a moment that you run a chiropractic office with nine employees that use five computers, three tablets, and ten smartphones – all connected to the network.

Of course, not all that technology is going to crash all at once unless there is a localized disaster involving the power, fire, flood, or storm.

But if just one of your key computers goes down, it can slow down your day, keep patients from being able to make appointments, and force your staff to do paperwork twice – first with paper and pen, then later re-entering the information into the repaired computer.

It’s a nuisance that you would rather just avoid.

So back to our question…

What would you do if a key computer crashed?

How would you retrieve your information?

Who would you call that understands the IT support needs of a chiropractic office?

What Do You Want To Know About Chiropractor Computer Services In North Dakota And Minnesota?

Networking Specialists understand that there is a difference between these three concepts:

  1. What you WANT to know
  2. What you SHOULD be aware of
  3. What you NEED to know

Most chiropractors are not interested in getting into the weeds of computer repair. They, like you, don’t WANT to know how it all works. They just want someone to give them the essential information that they NEED to know to run the technology within their practice and from time to time, make them aware of anything that they SHOULD have on their radar.

After all, you don’t want to be the guy that’s at the office at 9:00 at night doing endless hours of mind-numbing backups, updates, upgrades and security patches.

You want to have time for a life outside of the office.

Instead of making you go through a long list of everything that you could be told about chiropractic computer services, let us condense it.

Here’s The Executive Summary.

Point #1: Chiropractic computer services generally come in three pricing formats – break/fix, retainer, and Managed IT services. Depending on the company that you choose, they may offer anything from one pricing structure to all three. The main difference between break/fix, retainer, and Managed IT services models is that Managed IT services is a subscription IT care model in which you pay a monthly fee for professionals to keep your systems running. In break/fix model, the computer repair technician makes money when your systems break down. The retainer model is a hybrid of the other two.

Point #2: Because you deal with personally identifiable health information, you are subject to the IT compliance requirements of HIPAA.

Point #3: Because you accept credit card payments, your payment systems must comply with PCI DSS.

Point #4: The four most valuable IT services offerings that a chiropractic office can leverage from a relationship with an IT services provider like Networking Specialists are Managed IT Services, Cybersecurity Services, IT Consulting, and Help Desk Services.

That, in a nutshell, is what you NEED to know about chiropractic computer services.

But if you’re the kind of person that likes the details, read on!

All About The Computer Services That IT Professionals Offer To Chiropractic Offices In North Dakota And Minnesota.

While we can’t speak for every IT services company serving Minnesota and North Dakota, the Networking Specialists team can tell you all about the services we leverage to help our chiropractor clients to get more done, see more clients, and enjoy more leisure time.

  • Managed IT Services – We’ve already talked about Managed IT Services to some extent. The Managed IT Services fixed-fee monthly subscription model gives a business all the IT support they can use in a monthly, budgetable
  • Hourly IT Services – Hourly IT Services are synonymous with the break/fix model. Although hourly rates are generally more expensive in this model, businesses with minimal IT support needs find the Hourly IT Services sufficient and helpful.
  • Cybersecurity – IT security is a must for companies big and small. Networking Specialists works diligently to ensure that our client’s businesses and data are secure against current and horizon-level online threats.
  • IT Consulting – As businesses grow and change, it’s useful to have IT advice at an executive level. Because chiropractic offices are so connected to technology, any big decision in your company needs to have input from an IT professional.
  • Business Continuity – If disaster – fire, flood, human error, criminal activity, cyber attack, power outage, or storm – comes knocking on your business door, having remote access to your files, applications, and the operating system is a must if your business is to survive.
  • Data Backup – Data backup is a requirement for both a robust Business Continuity strategy and HIPAA compliance.
  • Office 365 Support – When your Office 365 subscription is tailored to the internal workflow of your practice, you can get more business value and productivity from it.
  • Cloud Services – Leveraging the cloud for your chiropractic office allows you to gain the benefits of mobility, flexibility, and business continuity.
  • Virtualization – Virtualization helps your practice save money, save space, use less electricity, and “go green” by moving from physical machines on site to virtual machines in the cloud.
  • Voice Communication and Collaboration – To save money and enjoy the benefits of modern internet-based communications functionality, practices move to VoIP technology.
  • Industry and Legislative Compliance Support – HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance is not something that a business should try to achieve on their own. The potential penalties are just too high. Smart leaders harness the compliance consulting experience of a company like Networking Specialists to ensure that they are within the industry and legislative mandates.

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