Turn Your Smartphone Into A Business Line With Mobility Integration

Tired of having to work between your smartphone and your business phone?

It's common today that active members of the business world have to juggle their contacts, calls, and other data between a few different devices. Whether you have a personal smartphone anvd one issued for work, or just a business line, it can be frustrating to have to navigate between each of them depending on which of them your vital contacts choose to call you on.

Allow Networking Specialists to help – using Allworx’s suite of business phone solutions, we can help you eliminate the divide between your business phone and other devices:

  • Share contacts between your many devices
  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook
  • Handoff any active calls to and from your mobile device
  • Control your Verge IP remotely with your mobile device
  • And much more!

Stop putting up with outdated business phone technology – work with Networking Specialists and Allworx today to connect your smart devices and IP phones.

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