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With over fifteen years in business, the Networking Specialists team has perfected the art of delivering secure, stable, and productive I.T. environments to businesses in a variety of industries throughout North Dakota and western Minnesota.

John Harrie, President of Networking Specialists formed Networking Specialists in 2003 out of what was formerly John Harrie – Network Consulting. John leveraged his 25 years of experience in sales and service to start the kind of I.T. service that Grand Forks businesses were looking for – and it was a success!


Because experience matters.

Now, Networking Specialists has grown to become one of the top I.T. support teams in the region.

And we just keep on growing!

That’s a good thing for our clients, because…

We stay on top of technology advances and where appropriate, implement that technology to help our clients become more productive.

Internally, we emphasize:

  • Going above and beyond what our clients ask
  • Out-communicating our competition
  • Being a good partner for our customers
  • Speaking in plain language – not tech-speak no one understands
  • Enjoying our work and being proud of what we do
  • Providing a great place of employment

Networking Specialists understands the importance of building strong, long lasting relationships with our clients. We get to know you and your company so that we can provide your business with the support services it needs. By choosing Networking Specialists, you gain more than a vendor, you gain a business partner.

Our Clients

Networking Specialists services forward thinking companies who understand that computers and technology are necessary and fundamental tools for succeeding in business.

We specialize in servicing small to medium sized companies, providing them with customized solutions to fit their specific needs.

Our Core Focus:

Improving our partner’s businesses by simplifying technology

Our Values:


We value our customers, treat people well, and always do what is right for the customer.

We treat our customers fairly, even if they don’t treat us well.

We recommend the right I.T. solutions for your business – not the ones that profit us the most.

Self-Motivated and Hardworking

We encourage our people to always strive for excellence. Continuing education is part of our company culture. Why? So we can take on new and interesting challenges, and so we can stay ahead of the technology development curve.


Our leadership and employees have a “Can-Do” attitude!

Taking on things that seem difficult and succeeding. That’s what we do.

A positive outlook allows us to tackle and accomplish jobs that others just won’t touch.

Team Oriented

We work as a team because we actually LIKE each other!

That, and we recognize that we can get more accomplished for our clients as a team than we can as individuals.


We’ve been brought in to clean up from too many poor jobs done by unprofessional people with bad attitudes. We know the pain that that kind of relationship can bring to a business like yours.

We’re different.

We are fair, helpful, and treat people like partners

We will treat you the way that we would like to be treated – open and honest.

Why do people do business with Networking Specialists?

Because we know what we are doing.

Because we believe that the future is bright.


Because we are committed to leveraging technology and tech skills to help our clients hit their targets and achieve their goals.

Let’s talk! Pick up the phone now and give us a call at (701) 746-9234 or send an email to We look forward to meeting you!

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